Sneaky Labels PPI Can Hide Under

Knowing PPI means that you need to know your enemy, how it was created, and how to fight back. If you think that PPI isn’t in your loan just because it’s not called payment protection insurance, you might be in for a surprise. Some people really don’t think about PPI in this way. They only think about the fact that time has passed since they had the loan. They think about the sheer size of the lender, and they realize that in comparison…they are very small indeed. Yet this is the wrong attitude to take. You need to realize that you’re much more powerful than you think. The media has done a great job of replying to the PPI scam — and in a way that has gotten the lenders to pay attention. They know that they need to pay those claims back out. However, instead of just doing the right thing, they’re going to still make people step up to get their money back. This means that if you’re afraid to speak up, you’re going to get left behind.

Let’s go back to talking about those labels. PPI is often called loan care, loan protection, or even loan cover. Either way, this doesn’t mean that the policy is actually a good thing. You could end up paying good money for a policy that was never designed to cover you in the first place. This isn’t to say that all insurance is like that. If you were to get into an auto accident, your car insurance is going to cover you if you have the right policy already set up. To do anything otherwise would end up with millions of insurance buyers throwing their voices towards changing that policy!

What you need to do is take your paperwork in to a PPI solicitor for further review. The legal side of this is a lot more complicated than you could possibly imagine. You need to make sure that your rights are being protected. If you were to go it on your own and then have someone cut you out of the premiums you were promised…wouldn’t that make you feel bad? Wouldn’t that make you feel cheated? It’s just not worth it. You’re a lot better off thinking about the bigger picture, and that’s going to be a matter of getting a good solicitor on your side right away.

Take in what paperwork you can, and explain your case. They’ll take it from there — you can count on that! Good luck!

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Payday Loans v Financial Ruin

Much has been said about the practice of payday loans in recent years. The emergence of companies such as Wonga has sparked a wave of debate and criticism and with the internet providing these businesses a platform from which to advertise their services and seek out new customers, it’s fair to say that payday loaning is here to stay. However, is this such a bad thing for our society? This article will explore the nature of payday loaning.


Many Brits are nothing short of angry with payday loaning, to the extent that demonstrations have even been held, aimed at those affiliated one way or another with such companies. One example can be found in the protests of football fans throughout the country at the English Football League’s advertisement of payday loan company Wonga. The extent of the anger was so strong that in the end, the Football League had to end their partnership with Wonga.

Furthermore, just last month, Premiership giants Newcastle United announced a sponsorship deal with Wonga which will see the payday loan company advertised on Newcastle United shirts. The move needless to say fuelled a lot of anger.

Justified Anger

However, is such anger justified? Payday loans do most certainly come with extortionately high interest rates. On top of that, many payday loan companies do not provide sufficient financial background checks for potential customers. This is to the extent that Wonga were recently under serious allegations of lending to children.

A Needed Practice

However, one must not rank all payday loan companies alongside Wonga it must firstly be said. There are a range of other payday loan companies that are much more ethically in tune than Wonga and who do provide sufficient background checking. Take Payday Bank at for example.

Furthermore, those taking out payday loans are aware of the fact that they come with extortionately high interest rates. However, for the most part, their situation is so desperate that they have no other choice but to borrow off a payday loan company and just deal with the interest rates when they are in a better financial situation to do so.

This brings us on to the most important point here. The majority of people taking out payday loans suffer from extremely difficult financial situations and therefore have no option but to opt for a payday loan. In fact, with bank lending being very rigid and near impossible for some, the only other option would be a loan shark; and we all know the problems this would bring.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and while payday loaning may not be ideal, for some, it is absolutely necessary.

Improve your home with a bad credit loan

One of the easiest bad credit loan is probably one for home repairs or improvements. That doesn’t mean it is a guarantee because there are still factors the lender will consider, but the chances of approval are greatly increased if you own real estate. You have to be careful, though, when you enter into a bad credit loan that is secured by your home because you can lose your home if you default on the payments.

Value of Collateral Has a Major Impact

When you’re looking for a bad credit loan for home repairs or home improvements, your chances for approval are increase because it involves a step that will increase the value of your home. On the other hand, it will also depend on the value of that collateral. If you recently bought your home and don’t have very much equity, you are not going to qualify for the best bad credit loan interest rate or repayment term unless you have been able to rebuild some credit over the past one or two years. If the value of the collateral is equal to or exceeds the value of the loan, you will receive a better interest rate than you would otherwise.

Employment Is of Less Importance than Collateral Value

When you are using real estate as collateral for a bad credit loan, your employment is of lesser importance than the value of the collateral. In some ways that can be a bad thing because it leaves those with a meagre income in a vulnerable position once they have used the equity in their homes to finance home repairs and improvements.

On the other hand, they are also increasing the value of their collateral by making sure their home is in top position. This leaves it up to the homeowner to make the decision regarding their ability to repay a loan that is secured by their home. Always know your own budget and the impact a new loan will cause but most importantly stay within your budget constraints even if it means having to wait longer to do the things you want to do.

Be Careful When Choosing a Lender

When you’re using your home as collateral for a bad credit loan, be careful of the lender you choose. Since many lenders do not conduct too much investigation when they are granting loans that use a home’s equity as collateral, you must look out for yourself. Even if the lender approves your request for the loan, if the repayment terms do not fit into your budget requirements, you need to find a lender who is willing to work with you.

Don’t make the mistake of letting a lender tell you how much you can afford in monthly payments, and even if they tell you that you “qualify,” only you know the payments that will make you feel comfortable. This is where many people get into trouble even with a primary mortgage—they think if the lender says they qualify for a £200,000 mortgage, they should obtain that size mortgage even if they would feel more comfortable with £150,000.

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Bad credit payday loans

The cash gap between your consecutive paydays sometimes becomes difficult to fill up due to scarcity of funds. The problem gets bigger if you are a bad credit holder. But if your situation is the same then don´t worry – there is a solution for you.

Bad credit payday loans are a service provided by most companies dealing with payday loans wherein finances are arranged for borrowers facing bad credit. The cash help enables them bridge the financial gap expediently. The payday loan approval will come instantly, irrespective of your bad credit. Credit records like arrears, CCJs, IVA, bankruptcy, defaults and skipped payments are all acceptable. So you have all the reasons to smile and apply!

Best payday loans companies provide chivalrous, speedy and friendly services to all their customers. Various unforeseen and unexpected expenses like medical expenses, car breakdown repair, school fee, broken windowpane etc. can be easily fixed up. The finances can be utilized as and when you want! They help their borrowers to stay financially afloat till their coming payday.

A small loan amount can be accessed within a range of £100-£1500. The term of repayment is short and goes up to 2-4 weeks. For your convenience the repayment date can be fixed with your upcoming payday. To qualify you need to be 18 years of age, having a valid bank account and with a fixed income source. If you meet the required eligibility conditions effectively, your application will be approved instantly.

Bad credit payday loans generally carry relatively higher interest rates. But good payday loan providers will arrange for you bad credit loans that come with lower interest rates, fast processing and flexible repayment terms. The approval will come really quick so that your requirement of urgent financial help doesn’t get diluted.

Borrowers can conveniently apply for this loan through the online application form at payday loan websites. Applying with these sites is just a matter of few minutes as you are required to fill only a simple application form and rest will be done by them!

Same Day Loans

Anyone can experience insufficiency of finance at any point of time. You certainly might get stuck in a tight spot when a sudden financial expense bangs and you have no finances to deal with it. Solving this situation will be difficult without finances but definitely not impossible! We have a solution for you; get connected with a payday loan company and save yourself from financial instability. The same day loans arranged by them will be a savior from financial problems.

Through same day loans smaller sums can be advanced up to ₤1000. Certain important financial expenses just can not wait till your payday. A minor car repairs, broken windowpane, college fee, emergency medical bills and many other expenses. By procuring loans within a day you will be able to fix up these important expenses on time. They will arrange a deal at lower and affordable rates for you so that you don’t face any problem at the time of repayment.

They will help in arranging same day loans for everyone who is in need of quick cash. All you need to do is qualify for these loans. The minimum eligibility criterion requires you be 18 years of age, with a fixed source of income and having a valid checking account. Bad creditors need not worry as there is no credit check required. You are eligible even if you are suffering form arrears, defaults, late payments, bankruptcy, missed payments and IVA.

Grabbing the same day loan amount is quite simple. The approval is free from hassles of credit check, paperwork and documentation formalities. Entailing these loans in the absence of formalities is so very simple!

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Loan Advice

There are many companies out there that are offering to help you get back in the driver’s seat and manage your debts more easily by consolidating them into one easy, low monthly repayment.

No matter what you need a loan for, these companies can help. You can get a loan to reduce your monthly expenditures or just get a loan that doesn’t make you spend all your hard-earned savings. Continue reading

Loan Insurance: What is it?

Loan insurance in the UK covers a person’s loan in the event that they are unable to make loan payments because of illness, accident, disability or sudden unemployment. Not all policies are the same, so make sure to shop around in order to find what you need.

Some of the unfortunate circumstances that can be covered include: cancer, death, permanent disability and hospitilisation. Insurance usually covers monthly loan payments for a certain amount of time and the coverage can even continue until the loan is paid off in its entirety. Continue reading

Online Loan Application

An online loan application is the best way to implement online loan needs! You can submit loan applications immediately and don’t need to go anywhere. Nowadays people are happy to use modern communication systems, so company is obliged to provide you with such opportunity. Therefore, they offer the most convenient way of applications for today – online loan applications. It considerably simplifies the application for credit. In order to apply for a loan you should just fill the form located on their websites. Continue reading

Unsecured personal loans

If there is an unexpected need of money due to the break down of car or medical bills or the college fees, do not worry, you can fix it by taking out an unsecured personal loan. You don’t have to show any security for this loan. You do not need to have any property to show us to get the loan. Continue reading

Personal Loans

Worn out all the money before the pay day? Are you in the bleak need of cash for some emergency which cannot be delayed or postpone until the next month pay…no worries. Get fast cash without any credit checks done. In personal loans, no credit checks are made, whether you have return checks or you have filled bankruptcy; most companies are here to help you at your fingertips. Continue reading